4: Distribution
eBook Distribution
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When it comes to distributing your ebooks, you have a number of options that should suit just about all publishers. In this lesson we examine these options and talk about what might work best for you.



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  1. Percy Cannon
    9 years ago

    Hi Joel. To refresh my knowledge, I just listened to the ebook distribution section of this module. Very clear. Thx!
    One question: Are you familiar with the (new?) rental service that Amazon is offering to its customers with the Prime service? If u sign up to offer this service with your ebook, you are eligible to get a rental royalty payment. However, they require exclusivity for the ebook, meaning it can only be sold as part of the KDP program. This exclusivity can be renewed or canceled every 90 days.
    I am debating whether to go exclusive with KDP or use bookbaby for all formats/distribution and forego the potential rental royalty.
    I couldn’t find an article or blog entry on this topic in your website.

  2. Joel
    9 years ago

    Hi Percy,

    I believe you’re referring to the Kindle Select program. Many people have had success with this program, and there are dozens of articles written in the last few months by authors who have used it. I don’t have an article on it on my site, but you might look at this article from Joanna Penn’s blog:


    or Google a bit and check out some of the many other offerings. Here’s one from an author who has a different take on it:


    Hope that helps.