4: Distribution
Module 4 Action Tasks
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Congratulations on getting through another module. Here, your tasks involve getting metadata and book descriptions ready, but the main task is choosing your distribution channels.



Your Downloads

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MP3 audio file for the video above.

How print on demand publishing works. Details on how the ISBN is used to track print on demand orders and the role that companies like Amazon.com, LightningSource.com and Lulu.com play in the process. Also describes the money flow and how each participant in the print on demand process is paid.

Brain Felsen, president of BookBaby.com and CDBaby, describes the practices of the new e-book distributor, how file conversions are handled, relations with retailers like Amazon Kindle Store, Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble Nook store and others.

In this extensive interview, JC Simmonds of Beagle Bay Books explains how self-publishers can deal with the book distribution system including detailed advice for approaching distributors.

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  1. Richard
    9 years ago

    “Video: Print on Demand: Follow the Money” and “Video Interview: Brian Felsen, BookBaby” are links to websites with video, not downloadable video. Is that on purpose?

  2. Joel
    9 years ago

    Hi Richard,

    These videos are not part of the Roadmap course, since they have already been published publicly, and they are freely available any time you’d like to watch them, either here or on the video-hosting sites they are linked to. I do think they help understand some of the concepts in this module, so I included the links for your continuing education.

  3. Barbara Duell
    8 years ago


    Missed last week’s conference, bummer, but was in CA with my daughter, support during surgery for breast cancer. Looking forward to today’s session.

    Question: Will I be able to go back and re-visit each module on-line, or must I download because you will pull the program off-line?

    I am in the last phase of editing, getting ready for proof-editing, and then off for cover and formatting. Time, or more accurately, lack of time, is the gorilla sitting my my shoulder right now. Would really like to be able to view and re-view your program without the download process.