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PDF Distribution
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Although the market is very small for PDF eBooks, it may well suit the kinds of books you publish. Here we look at considerations for getting these books to your readers.



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  1. Sandy Millett
    9 years ago

    Joel: To begin with, I’ll be publishing booklets of quilt patterns. These will be printed out by the buyer, not just viewed on the monitor. The booklets will have numerous macro, demo, how-to photos. The printouts will have to be of high enough quality to be able to see the close-up demos. Can I do a 300 dpi on a PDF document or is PDF only set up to handle 72 dpi?

    Oh, quilting is a niche market of $3 billion dollars and quilters are used to buying patterns, sometimes as much as $79.00 on the high end, mid-range is $30 and low range is from $7 to $10.

    Enjoying the class. Sandy

  2. Bill Meador
    8 years ago

    Any thoughts on how to limit piracy problems from selling books or reports by pdf?