6: Design
Module 6: Start Here
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Module 6 will give you some of the essentials of book design including guidance on selecting fonts and an inside look at how books are created in Adobe InDesign.



Your Downloads

Click the link to open each file, or right-click the link and choose “Save as…” to download it to your own computer.

The audio file for the video on this page.

This extensive report will provide you with guidance on the various elements that go to make up a book.
If you plan to have photos in your book, this report will provide you with help in preparing the files for use in printing.
Use this checklist to make sure you’ve addressed all the important areas in your book interior.
Use this checklist to make sure you’ve addressed all the elements of your book cover.
Don’t look like a newbie! Here are the most common mistakes new self-publishers make and how to avoid them.
Use this template to guide you in laying out a hardcover book jacket if you’re not hiring a professional designer.
This ZIP file contains an Adobe InDesign book template as shown in lesson 31.
This PDF shows the first 3 pages of the book template for those who don’t have access to InDesign.
This is a sample contract for book design as a fully-editable Word document.
Action tasks for Module 6.

Comments here (2 comments so far)

  1. Denise
    9 years ago

    When I tried to open the InDesign template, it told me it couldn’t find the font League Gothic, even though I have it on my computer and have used it for other projects. Do you have any idea why it was acting up that way?

    • Joel
      9 years ago

      Denise, although the font may be on your system, it’s possible that you don’t have it installed, in which case it will be reported as missing. If that’s not the problem, there may be a confusion with the font names. Check the settings on the paragraph style that’s calling for League Gothic and see if the name is in (parentheses). If so, InDesign can’t find the font, so just re-define the style with the version of League Gothic that’s on your system.