Self-publishing roadmap


Your Guide to Publishing Successful Books, Finding Your Readers and Taking Control of Your Publishing Destiny


As a writer, your stories and ideas are destined to entertain, educate and inspire the world. You have a passion to communicate with people and I know that you want to get your books into the market with the absolute best chance of success.

  • You want to get your work in front of the readers who are waiting for it (whether they know it or not)
  • You want to grow your writing career, allowing you to do the work you love,
  • You want to have control over your books to make sure they are as good as they can be, and
  • You want to cut out all the confusion, frustration and wasted time trying to figure all this stuff out yourself.

Well, there’s good news because I’ve created a unique learning experience that puts authors in position to hit their goals. On this page I’m going to tell you what it’s all about and how you can take advantage of this unique opportunity to supercharge your progress starting today.

From one of the most trusted self-publishing advisors online today comes a course custom-made for writers with big publishing goals.

Joel Friedlander, the Book DesignerHi, I’m Joel Friedlander of, and I’m excited to announce the re-opening of a singular training course that’s specially designed to clear your path to publication.

Let’s face it, if you’re like most authors, you don’t know all that much about how book publishing works, but you still want to get your books onto the marketplace and make a profit doing it, right?

It was pretty much the same when I got started as a self-publisher. I know exactly what you’re going through when you take on this confusing and fast-changing world of book publishing.

But here’s some good news: publishing your own books doesn’t have to be a confusing journey through a dangerous jungle. The Self-Publishing Roadmap will show you a clear path so that you can concentrate on your books and your readers, the stuff that’s really important for you.

If the confusion you’re running into is stopping you from getting your books into the market, help is on the way.

I know how difficult it can be to go from being a writer to publishing your own books. With all the ads and blogs and offers bombarding you, sometimes you just want to forget about it. You might even start to think, “Maybe it’s just not for me?”

And then there’s the fear that keeps lots of writers from publishing. What if no one likes your book? What if no one even notices it? What if you publish and nothing happens?

The Roadmap can help. It shows you what’s critical to your success in publishing, and where you get the most leverage for your efforts. It will get you on the road to publication, or show you how to improve the books you’ve already published for better sales, more market penetration, and more satisfaction for you.

Providing a clear path to publication is the exact reason the Self-Publishing Roadmap was born.

It’s designed to help.

Dozens of authors have gone through this course, and that has given me a chance to get all the details right, so you get the publishing help you need in the way that best suits you and your goals.

In fact, getting clear about the publishing process—learning which things you really need to pay attention to, and which things you can safely put aside—is going to make it so much easier for you to focus on the work you really want to do.

What I’d like to do is spell out for you exactly what you’ll get from this course. Then I’ll tell you about the three options you’ll have to get this training for yourself. So sit back for a minute and take in all the details.

What you’ll discover in the Self-Publishing Roadmap.

As soon as you register for the course, you’ll be taken inside the Roadmap site where you’ll find 5 core modules that teach you everything you’ll need to know to start making smart publishing decisions. You’ll immediately be on a path that you know is going to take you in the right direction.

I’ve spent months working on the course to make sure you’ve got everything you need to succeed, explained clearly, and without the need for years of study just to follow my lessons.

Hey, writers are some of the smartest people I know—that’s why you’ll get the respect you deserve as a participant in this course.

So what’s in these 5 modules? I’m glad you asked. Let me give you a brief tour of the lessons and what you’ll learn inside:

Module-1-iconModule 1: Foundations of Publishing Success

Your path to publishing success begins when you get clear about your own goals.

You’ll start out with self-assessments, and by looking at the options available to publishers today. The direction you take here is going to have a profound impact on how the rest of your publishing journey unfolds, it’s that important.

In this module, you’ll learn…

  • Exactly why self-publishing has become the leading edge of book publishing, and the many ways to make money with your books.
  • A rational way to look at your goals before you set off on your journey.
  • The unique properties of your book that really make it stand out, the hooks that will drive people’s attention and engagement.
  • How to choose the path that best suits you, whether it’s doing it all yourself, or hiring a team of professionals.

Once you’ve established your foundation, it’s on to getting your manuscript ready to go…

Module-2-iconModule 2: Everything you need to know about getting your book ready to go public

If you want to publish a book people really want to buy, it’s critical that your manuscript goes through a real editorial process. Editors are your book’s best friends, because they can help your book stand out in the crowd of indie books that are being published every day.

In this module you’ll learn…

  • All you need to know about the editing process
  • How to enlist peers and thought leaders in your field to give your book a head start before you even reach your publication date.
  • Exactly why online sales are ALL about people being able to find your book.
  • Why it’s “fill in the blanks” easy to make sure your metadata is up to the task with the tools and instruction you’ll be getting from day one.
  • The essential steps needed to get your file ready for print or ebook production.
  • How to locate, select and work with freelance editors to make your book the best it can be.

Once your manuscript is ready to go, it’s time to start producing our books…

Module-3-iconModule 3: How Books and eBooks are created today

Get the inside story of how books are made, whether you’re planning a coffee table art book, a series of thrillers, or a business manifesto.

In this module you’ll learn…

  • The best way to produce your books so the readers you really want to reach love what you’ve made for them.
  • Why you need pro-level tools and skills for certain kinds of books.
  • How to deal with photos and artwork to avoid the disappointment of a book that doesn’t look as good as it should.
  • Tips for file preparation that will have your book files running perfectly at your printer.
  • How to choose from among the many options for ebook conversions to get the results you want.

Books have to get to readers and buyers, so that’s what we turn to next…

Module-4-iconModule 4: Getting your books to your readers

Here’s where we really get to the inside game of publishing. The Roadmap shows you how different distribution options have a big effect on your book—and your profits.

In this module you’ll learn…

  • Why only certain kinds of self-publishers can use the national distribution system.
  • Strategies for using the automated power of print on demand publishing.
  • How to maximize the exposure of your ebooks through online retailers.
  • Why I tell most authors to “forget about bookstores” and why that can be the best decision you ever make in publishing.

You’re approaching publication now, so it’s time to get ready to send your book on its way…

Module-5-iconModule 5: Master the art of the book launch and become a marketing maven

Here’s where you’ll make your book a success, learn to find your readers, and use the power of social media to spread your message.

In this module you’ll learn…

  • The basics of book marketing and how to get your book off to a great start.
  • How to adopt the marketing mindset and make the most of your opportunities.
  • Leverage the techniques of internet marketing to drive traffic and promote your book.
  • Learn how advance copies can help you get your book the attention it deserves, if they are done properly.
  • Discover the elements of a dynamite book launch and how to put the pieces together to stay sane.
  • How to get book reviews and why you need them, and my super-secret “magic query letter” that’s so effective, it’s almost like cheating.
  • Techniques for leveraging your expertise to create selling opportunities and joint ventures on your terms.
  • Using social media to create a nonstop, content-driven traffic and engagement machine that constantly brings you new potential readers every day.

How it all comes together in the Self-Publishing Roadmap.

I’ve tried to make this course as easy to use as possible, so you make the progress you really want to make as you work through the lessons in each module. Here’s how it works:

  1. You’ll get access to all 5 modules of the course when you register. You’ll want to focus on the Foundations lessons in Module 1 right away.
  2. You’ll receive each lesson as a video, as an audio file, and with a complete transcript. Whether you like to listen while doing housework or at the gym, or watch on your computer, you’ll have exactly what you need. And for readers, the transcript gives you a searchable version of the entire lesson.
  3. With each module you’ll get access to a series of downloadable documents that include worksheets, checklists, tutorials and background information. These tools make the classroom lessons practical and focused on your book.
I really want to make this the most enjoyable and effective training you’ve ever taken, and I just know that you’re going to be amazed at what you find inside.

Once you log in, you’ll have access to the entire Self-Publishing Roadmap course, so you can make progress at the pace that best suits your needs. There’s no pressure, so you’ll never be overwhelmed or at a loss for what to do next.

Other writers who have gone through the course know that it’s an easy-going, in-depth training that’s also quite enjoyable.

I think you’ll find that’s true for you, too. People tell me that when they are in my courses, they feel “well looked after.”

Yes, I love “looking after” my students.

As you work your way through the modules and see your book taking shape, you’re going to have questions. Hey, each book and each author are unique.

You’ll be able to ask those questions all the way through the course. Each lesson has its own page with a comment area where you can leave me a question in case something isn’t clear, or if you just feel stuck and want some feedback on what you’re learning.

I’ll personally answer your questions and make sure you’re on the right track. You’ll also benefit from the questions of past students and all the other authors going through the course with you.

As a bonus, I’ve also included another complete module that’s dear to my heart.

Hey, you know I’m a book designer, so I couldn’t release this training on publishing without talking about book design.

So I’ve included a complete, bonus 6th Module that will teach you what you need to know about design to make sure you get a book that will do the job you want it to do.

Module-6-iconBonus Module 6: Learn the important elements that go into winning book design.

Here’s just some of what you’ll find:

  • Practical information on selecting fonts, along with samples to guide you
  • Layout options for different kinds of publishers
  • How book covers work to help you position and sell your book

This is almost a mini-course in book design, and it’s right inside the Roadmap course for easy access. I know you’re going to love that.

Okay, that wraps up the basic content of the course.

There’s a tremendous amount of learning about book publishing, marketing your books online and critical subjects you need to know in this course. I’ve tried to make it approachable, efficient and even fun.

I would be honored if you join us on this great adventure. After all, it’s writers who enlighten the world, and helping you get your stories and your ideas published is why I do this.

Let’s do a quick recap of everything you’ll get when you enroll in the Self-Publishing Roadmap.

Here’s what you’re about to get access to after you register:

Six modules of integrated video lessons that will teach you what you need to know about publishing today.

Each lesson delivered to you in video and audio, and accompanied by PDF transcripts so whichever way you like to learn, you’re completely taken care of.

Over 35 downloads (600+ pages) including worksheets, checklists, tutorials and reports to make the lessons practical and specific to your own books.

Okay, I promised to explain your 3 registration options, so let’s talk

To accommodate as many authors as possible, I’ve created three versions of the Roadmap course. This will allow you to choose exactly the kind of training that works best for you—and your budget. Let’s look at each of these options to see which one is right for you:


Option 1:
The Self-Publishing Roadmap Download Edition

What You’ll Get: The Download Edition gives you access to all the videos, audios, transcripts and downloads in the 6 modules that make up the course. You can watch them on a secure web page, or download them to your own computer.

This option is great if you just want the core modules and you don’t mind working on your own. If that’s your choice, just click the red Registration button below and you’ll be able to get started right away.

Self-Publishing Roadmap Download Edition with all 6 modules of video lessons, audio files, text transcripts and over 35 PDF downloads $397.00

self-publishing roadmap


Option 2:
The Self-Publishing Roadmap Standard Edition

What You’ll Get: In addition to all the content in the 6 modules of the course, the Standard Edition gives you critical benefits as well as a huge amount of bonus content I’ve chosen carefully to help you meet your goals.

First off, 2 of the main benefits of the Standard Edition are:

  1. Powerful teleconferences allow you to zoom in on your specific concerns

    On April 20, 2013 we’ll hold the first of 6 weekly teleconferences to answer your questions. Each week we’ll focus on one course module so we can really dive into the material.These calls are a great resource to have as you move through the lessons, since you can make sure you’re applying the action tasks from each module to your own books.

    Teleconferences run for 60+ minutes and, if you can’t make it you can still participate. There’s a dedicated page to leave your questions, and each session is recorded and added to the Roadmap site.

  2. Practical, targeted video training that keeps you up to date in a series of ongoing content-rich webinars.

    As a member of the Roadmap community, you’ll receive a whole series of webinars from The Book Designer throughout 2013. These presentations are designed to give you how-to-get-it-done information and help you stay up to date with the changing face of the indie publishing world.Topics include:

    • Social media marketing
    • Planning your book launch
    • Creating a marketing plan for your book
    • Book cover do’s and don’ts

    …and many more. So when you register for the Roadmap Standard Edition, you’re also getting, at no extra cost to you, a year’s worth of targeted training besides.

In addition to those two major benefits, you’ll get access to our private Self-Publishing Roadmap website, and you’ll become part of the community of authors who have taken the course before.


Being part of this community brings huge benefits with it. For the Standard Edition, I’ve put together a number of practical and focused learning tools and resources to make your publishing journey faster, more fun, and more profitable.

Here’s the whole rundown on what you’ll receive when you register for the Standard Edition:

Item Value
5 Module Self-Publishing Roadmap Video Training Course with lifetime access to the secure site and all files and resource downloads
Includes 6 hours of live teleconference calls to answer your specific questions
10 exclusive Marketing Masterminds, interviews with top book marketing professionals.
Includes: Penny Sansevieri, Dan Blank, Judith Briles, Dvorah Lansky, Sharon Goldinger, Anne Hill, Roger C. Parker, Dana Lynn Smith, Joan Stewart and more.
5 Self-Publisher’s Quick & Easy Guides covering Copyright, ISBNs, Book Distribution, Print on Demand and Article Marketing for authors
Each guide focuses on a specific topic with practical, how-to-do-it information.
Steven Lewis’ course on formatting for Kindle, including 25 videos and a PDF guide
This course walks you through complete instruction in dealing with the HTML files that make up your ebook
Steven Lewis’ new Udemy course on How to publish your ebook on Amazon’s Kindle
This course includes over 4 hours of step-by-step instruction along with Steven’s years of experience in digital publishing
Joanna Penn’s webinar “How to Promote Your Novel: 21 Ways to Sell More Books Online” with video, audio and PDF downloads
A fantastic resource for fiction writers, these are Joanna’s best tips from her book marketing experience selling over 50,000 copies of her thrillers
Lisa J Cohen’s 32-page step-by-step guide e-Book Creation: A Guide for Writers using free tools like Calibre and Open Office
This is a streamlined, text-based course that guides you through the whole ebook creation process
A book design template for Adobe InDesign from to help you get pro-quality results
If you own InDesign and know how to use it, this template will save you a huge amount of time.
A book design template for Microsoft Word from
Get a great-looking, industry-standard book with Word with one of our wildly popular new templates.
Bonus module: video mini-course in Book Design for Self-Publishers.
“Watch over my shoulder” as I teach you how to create great-looking books.
Video mini-course in Freewriting to help you ramp up your writing productivity
In this short course I let you in on the practice that’s made it possible for me to grow my blog in record time.
Book Design to Sell teleseminar, a one-hour audio packed with tips and information on creating books that work right, including a transcript for reference
In this one-hour teleseminar you’ll hear specific recommendations for interior book design including smart font choices and mistakes to avoid.
Publishing strategies webinar video that walks you through the three key concepts to determine the best books for your readers
This webinar presents a high-level view of the thinking behind sound publishing decisions.
A 30-minute personal one-on-one consultation with me to help you strategize your publishing project
I’ll help you get on track with advice targeted to your specific situation.
NEW “Risk Reversing” Bonus: A year’s worth of practical, how-to-get-stuff-done Book Designer Webinars with video, audio and PDF transcripts to help you keep going and stay current with changes in the publishing landscape.
Titles include “The Hub and Outpost Method of Social-Media Marketing” and the upcoming “Book Cover Design for Self-Publishers” with more to come.

If you add it all up, the total retail value you’re going to receive in the Self-Publishing Roadmap Standard Edition is $3,317.95.

But I want as many people as possible to get this training. So instead of $3,317.95, I’ve priced the complete course—and your lifetime membership in the Roadmap community—at an affordable $897, and created 2 payment options to make it even easier for you to enroll.

This is an amazing value, since you save $2,420.95 over the cost of buying all these tools and programs on their own. If the Standard Edition is for you, click one of the registration buttons to get started:

TOTAL Value of course and bonuses $3,317.95
You save $2,420.95
Cost to you (payable as either a one-time fee of $897 or three payments of $299 per month) $897.00

self-publishing roadmap
self-publishing roadmap

Option 3:
The Self-Publishing Roadmap Mentorship Edition

What you’ll get: You may be one of those authors who wants even more than the instruction in this comprehensive course. If your goals mean you want one-on-one personal coaching in creating your books and building a base of adoring fans, this is the option for you.

In addition to all the benefits of the Standard Edition described above (including the $2,420.95 in savings) and your lifetime membership in the Roadmap community, you’ll get 6 hours of personal consulting with one of the world’s leading experts on self-publishing (that’s me).

We’ll analyze your aims and goals and craft strategies to get you moving on them. Setting priorities, getting personal recommendations for trusted providers, and learning the power of online marketing will all come into play.

Benefits of the Mentorship Edition go even farther:

  • Advice on using your blog as a marketing tool, relying on my experience building the highest-traffic blog in the self-publishing field with over 56,000 unique visitors and over 140,000 page views per month.
  • Personal introductions to contractors and vendors throughout my extensive personal network.
  • Cover and interior critiques designed to help your book achieve your sales and readership goals.
  • Personal instruction in creating multiple revenue streams from your publishing activities.
  • The accumulated experience of over 30 years in book publishing, graphic arts, advertising and direct response marketing.

For a few authors, this can be a life-changing investment in your publishing and marketing future. However, if you are seriously interested in this opportunity, keep in mind that seats in this program are severely limited since I can only help a few authors at a time. It is strictly first-come, first-served.

If that sounds like you, just click the register button for the Mentorship Edition:*

Self-Publishing Roadmap Mentorship Edition including the course and all bonuses from the Standard Edition plus 6 hours of one-on-one coaching to strategize, position, produce and market your book. (Fee is payable as $416.17 per month for 6 months.)
*After receiving your first monthly payment for the Mentorship program, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire to help me determine—at my sole discretion—if you’re a good fit for this program. Any applicants not admitted to the Mentorship course will have their deposit refunded immediately.

self-publishing roadmap

If you’re ready to get going on your publishing journey, you can start right here.

To book your place in the course, just click the “Register” button for the Edition and payment plan you choose above. That will take you to a page where you can make a secure payment using a credit card or Paypal account.

Once you sign up, here’s what’s going to happen:

  1. You’ll receive an email giving you your login credentials for the Self-Publishing Roadmap site or the Download Edition secure webpage.
  2. For Standard Edition and Mentorship Edition participants, all bonuses and extra downloads will be available immediately.
  3. You’ll receive an email inviting you to join our private Self-Publishing Roadmap Facebook group, where we’ll make announcements, answer questions and just hang out and have fun.
  4. You’ll also receive an email with complete call-in information for the first teleconference call covering Module 1.
  5. Mentorship Edition participants will also get an email with information about scheduling your first consultation.

Ready to get started? Just hit the “Register” button for the Edition you decide is right for you.

Important note: Registration will close on Saturday night, September 14, 2013 at midnight Pacific time. At that time the Self-Publishing Roadmap online training course, with all the bonuses, extra content, streamlined video instruction and numerous downloadable checklists, tutorials, mind maps, worksheets, and resources will be closed to new registrations. A few days later, the course will begin with the participants who have enrolled. If you would like to be one of them, please select one of the registration options above.

And of course, you’re completely taken care of with a 100% satisfaction guarantee:

Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge OrangeI’ve created The Self-Publishing Roadmap based on my 30 years in book publishing helping hundreds of authors just like you succeed. These are the same strategies I use every day to create award-winning books for my clients, and that I’ve tested with previous students. I’m confident that no matter which Edition you choose, it will deliver way more value than your investment of money and time.

You have no risk with this purchase. If you decide within 30 days of paying your tuition that this isn’t the right one for you, just let me know and you’ll receive a complete, no-questions-asked refund.

In other words, if you don’t love this class, I’ll buy it back from you.

Your readers are waiting for you and your vision, so let’s get started.

Thanks for joining me in the Self-Publishing Roadmap. I’m very proud of this training program, and I know that there’s nothing else like it anywhere.

As you work through the lessons, I’m confident they’ll help you take your book publishing to a whole new level. That’s why I’m backing up your purchase with a risk-free guarantee.

But most important, I want you to know that I’m committed to helping you make the most of your opportunity. I can’t wait to get started—I’ll see you inside,

Joel Friedlander

Dozens of authors who have gone through the Roadmap training are achieving success today. Here’s a sample of their feedback:

“I was wanted to learn as much as I could about the self-publishing industry, and while I know I still have a ways to go, the material and content in this course was outstanding.”
Susan Alexander
“You are down to earth and a great teacher. It’s been an incredible value for the cost. The venue was perfect, the content relevant, you were accessible. I have two 4-inch binders of material to reference and the video or audio content saved as backup. The only thing that could be better would be having you on speed dial or living next door!”
Linda Zercoe
“I would recommend this course to anyone who is planning to publish a book, regardless of whether they plan to self-publish or not. It helps you see all the options clearly and gives information that is valuable and relevant to any author.”
Deborah Jamil, After The Clear Signs: This Is Not A Book About Islam
“I think I could have gotten (my book) out the door before, but now I understand more of the nuances for how to make it ‘successful’—a high quality book (content & form) that people want to read.”
Michele Gibson, The Writer’s Reader: Advice from the 50 Best Books on Writing
“With the flood of indie books appearing on the market, it is a difficult world to stand out in. I feel this course is really going to help me do that.”
Jeffrey Cotton
“Since I’m now buying e-pubbed books and know what some of my friends are making, I needed knowledge fast. Your course has a wealth of information that would take years to learn.”
Sandra Millett Traditionally published, until now!
“I recommend the Self-Publishing Roadmap course without hesitation. Why? Because it kicks ass. Specifically, it achieves its stated aim: providing a roadmap to self-publishing success. It really is that simple.”
Aaron Driver
“Joel has a vast amount of knowledge on the subject and a great ability of conveying that knowledge to people in a logical and concise way. I have been studying this for over a year and although the course covered many things that I know, it was presented in a step-by-step fashion. That method allows me to feel more confident about going forward with self publishing.”
Joella Castillo
“The Action Lists and Resources are wonderful and the interviews with experts and mind maps are extremely helpful and can help a self-publisher make a better product and save money in the long run.”
Sandra Novacek
“I’d read numerous books but I was frustrated. I was looking for a person to verbalize what I had read and provide more detail and examples. My understanding of self-publishing was increased significantly by taking your course. With all the discussion around self publishing, an online course, is long overdue. Your course made a tremendous difference for me.”
Deborah Davis
“It dymystified the process, allowing me to gauge that I surely wanted to contract out certain tasks and do others myself, with a better idea of what constitutes a well designed book. Joel presented the material in a very accessible way, and was very good at connecting with the class members regardless of varying experiences as regards book publishing. He also did a great job of creating resources for each module to allow class members to go deeply into various topics.”
Viola Canales
“Joel does a spectacular job of creating an overall perspective, combined with the best practices, details, examples, steps, techniques, etc. of the specific tasks that need to be D&D–either Done by the author or Delegated to someone who does it. I appreciated his ability to effectively teach to different experience levels, without overwhelming newcomers or boring experienced types.”
Roger C. Parker
“I feel confident that I will be able to produce a high-quality book and market it successfully by following the principles I’ve learned in this course. I had so much to learn about how the book industry works, and Joel’s Self-Publishing Roadmap course led me through it all without stumbling. I think the course would be helpful to anyone who plans to self-publish and wants to produce a quality book. Thank you!”
Denise Gaskins
“I almost feel that it was some kind of divine intervention that let me to your course. I had always felt that I could not do book marketing on my own and nobody I talked to who supposedly knew about social network marketing had much to tell me that was helpful. Now I feel as if I have a good path I can follow.”
Sandy Breuer
“We needed a step-by-step process. It is over whelming when you first consider self publishing but this course made it all sound doable. If I could use two words for how I feel now it is “In control”. I would recommend this course to anyone considering self-publishing.”
“Having all of the information presented in one place without having to scour the internet for it, and having the comfort of knowing that I haven’t missed a major step or issue in figuring out self-publishing. The Self-Publishing Roadmap opened my eyes to how many considerations there are to successful self-publishing. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I didn’t know how much I didn’t know.”
Sylvia Liu
“The Self-Publishing Roadmap opened my eyes to the challenges I face. It also has given me insight to make my book better in the long run and able to compete with any book currently on the market today whether it’s professionally published or self published. The course is very professional and informative.”
Keith Dodd
“It showed me everything that goes into self-publishing. To have a successful book means that you need to take all the steps in between; from your idea for your book – to editing – to book design – to publishing – to marketing. Self-publishing means you have to be willing to learn and to work hard. Anything is possible if you are willing to work hard. You have brought a wealth of information together into one place to share with us.”
Wanda Thompson
“I hadn’t quite understood how much goes into making a fine book instead of a cheap-looking and badly-set-up thing that nobody wants to read. You’ve given us our superheroes capes so we can fly on our own, Joel! To anyone who is at all interested in writing and/or publishing a book, this course would be a lifesaver.”
Betsy Gordon

Want to add your name to this list? Pick your registration option and let’s get started!